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Hiway is the blockchain focussed marketplace for work. A blockchain integrated platform that coheres users without a middleman.

The blockchain space is still in search for the platform that establishes itself as the go-to place for seeking work.


Parties will work together without us in between, we will help you find the right match after which we take a step back and let you do the work.


At the moment finding the right match for a job is hard. The blockchain space operates like the regular freelance world did 5 years ago, no central point or marketplace where both companies and freelance with blockchain knowledges connect but through old fashioned group chats or forums.

Let’s accelerate the growth of this industry by connecting blockchain enthusiasts globally and build the companies of the future.

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Hiway explained

Watch this short explainer video diving into the problem we’re solving, how we are doing this and why you should join what it is we’re building here!

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How it works

Hiway builds on some of the key pillars of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence. These innovations fuel a platform that will ultimately reinstall trust to the recruitment process, eradicate issues of discrimination, lower fees and enable smoother financial processes. Hiway serves both the employee and the employer, empowering those looking for a job or wanting a job done in equal measure.


The roadmap is built with the vision of making Hiway accessible as soon as possible. Firstly, to promptly generate user feedback and secondly, to initiate cash flow. This is key to our commitment to grow the team and build the project as the global work solution we aspire to create. Specific dates for each of the individual milestones will be communicated as soon as possible.


Hiway works together with the following companies in developing the platform. Each company has committed to helping Hiway reach its full potential by using the platform in their search for talent while being closely involved in its development.

Hiway is involved in the recruitment process for these companies, providing freelancers in the blockchain space where they are needed the most.

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