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The “X” Factor: Privacy and the Freelancer

You’ve got your online account locked up tighter than Fort Knox with passwords stretching half a page and bookended and enough..

Connecting the Blockchain skilled workforce: Interview Founders of Hiway

There’s only so much a product can tell you about itself despite all the manuals, the guides, the white, yellow, and brown papers.

Remote Collaboration and the Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) remains a muddled and thorny issue for freelancers and their employers.

News: Hiway x Polymath

The Hiway team is more than happy to introduce to you our new collaboration in the blockchain space

Smart Contracts and the Gig Economy

The emergence of internet resource-sharing and freelancing ecosystems have led to what is now called the gig economy.

Artificial Intelligence & the Blockchain..

A few years ago, preparing a summary of one’s education and employment experience.

Solving a $200 Billion Problem through..

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how good or skilled you are when faced with trust issues and discrimination.

Hiway x Fintrux

Proud to announce that we are now in collaboration with FintruX Network

News: meet Anthony Coscio

Anthony has an extensive background in venture capital investment and blockchain technology.

Redefining an industry: why the blockchain community needs a new marketplace

How a new marketplace could be the key to connecting blockchain enthusiasts with the companies of the future

Fuelling the gig economy: why the blockchain could revolutionise the job market

by Simon Rikmenspoel, founder & head of product, Hiway