We tried to be as clear as possible in all our communication.

We do however understand you still have some important questions or maybe you didn’t find what you were looking for.
Below you will find the most frequently asked question. We will update these questions whenever we feel parts of our story or project are not clear.

If you can not find what you are looking for please head over to the contact page and shoot us a message.

  • About the product
  • About the token sale

What is Hiway

Hiway is a marketplace for work focussed on the blockchain industry. A platform which is built on some of the key pillars of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence. These innovations fuel a platform that will ultimately reinstall trust to the recruitment process, eradicate issues of discrimination, lower fees and enable smoother financial processes.

It is the place to go for people who are skilled in the blockchain industry, or for companies in search for such individuals.

Why does this need to be on the Blockchain?

Great question, for the first time in the history of the internet it’s possible to trust someone without a third party telling you what that person is saying or promising is true. The third party has been replaced by a network protocol on the blockchain which guarantees an honest outcome. This means the time is finally right to build a platform that will connect people without human interference. More on this in the next question.

Does the platform operate entirely on the blockchain?

What is important to understand is the fact that keeping data on the blockchain is still expensive and slow. At Hiway we are aiming to keep all data in a central database but encryption of that data will happen completely on the blockchain. This means we are 100% compliant with the GDPR while being as secure as possible with personal data. As soon as there is a possibility to keep all data on the blockchain and at the same time be compliant with all regulators worldwide, we will dive into a different format.

What’s different compared to other platforms?

We recognise the fact that there are more platforms offering to connect people worldwide, however, we use technology that is entirely new within these current platforms to improve the process.The Hiway platform will be there to help you find your match and once complete, both parties will be able to move forwards together with the help of a smart contract.

What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is a derivative of the blockchain technology. It’s a contract which will execute as soon as the parameters set in the contract are met. Funds will be stored within the contract when being created thus making freelancers never having to wait for money after delivering, meanwhile giving employers the benefit of certain delivery of a product.

How does it work?

Hiway is a database of people ready to work with one another using the power of smart contracts.Our platform has two methods of connecting people- browse profiles and engage manually, or let our artificial intelligence do the work! Once a match is found, the Hiway platform will help you setup your smart contract. Our job is to ensure the contract is functional, but the two parties involved will ultimately set the parameters. The funds will be stored in the smart contract as soon as both parties come to an agreement. Once the work has been completed, the smart contract will release the funds.

What happens if there is a dispute?

Hiway will have a system called the Quality Jury. This system will be a team of random chosen but experienced professionals on both the employee as employer side and will help sort the problem. We are still developing the final form of this jury but for now more information can be found in the whitepaper.

What are WAY tokens?

Smart contracts don’t work with dollars or euros but with tokens. The Hiway system will work with WAY tokens, our dedicated payment solution. This means when someone gets into a smart contract with someone else WAY tokens go into contract. We will be looking to implement payment in euros or dollars too.

What is the price of a WAY token?

The price of tokens fluctuate due to the nature of cryptocurrencies. To ensure you still get the same amount of value at the end of a job we build a system to compensate those fluctuations. This system is called the job value reserve and will compensate any fluctuation in the token value. More information regarding this system can be found in our whitepaper. The job value reserve will be introduced in later versions of our platform.

Is there a working product?

The Hiway platform has been in development for the last 2 years and we are in the final stages of completing our MVP version. We will give everyone a chance to take a look at our prototype before the start of the crowdsale.

How will Hiway present itself, is there a marketing plan?

At Hiway we put great effort into how we present ourselves. We feel that the blockchain industry is full of interesting ideas and fascinating concepts but that the marketing side of some other projects are somewhat lacklustre. Our marketing communications team are primarily focussed on building a community around freelancers interested in the blockchain industry. In creating the right community our marketing specialists target the appropriate groups through channels like facebook ads, telegram and other well known media

Any notable partnerships?

We are working closely with other exciting projects, when we commit to partnerships we will let our communities know as soon as possible. We are always collaborating with, and open to partnerships with other teams and projects.

What is the timeframe of the token sale?

Our token sale has been divided in three stages. A private sale, a pre-sale and a crowdsale. The private sale started in May. As soon as we have more information regarding the start of our pre-sale you’ll be able to find this in our telegram channel and through our website.

What do you mean with private sale?

A private sale is the earliest stage of investment. It is open to people that add value to the project as well as a contribution. The minimum investment in the private sale is $50k which ensures a committed relationship. The cap for private investors is $200k in order to discourage any majority bagholders.

Soft cap

We will finish our platform, the amount of funds we raise will determine if we can stick to our roadmap or if some developments are going to take longer. So to say… there is no softcap.

The softcap is currently undetermined. The amount of funds raised will determine the progress we will make in the initial stages.

Hard cap?

Our hardcap is $8M. Once that is reached our sale ends.

What is the total supply of WAY tokens?

100m WAY

What is the token price?

The current token price is $0,156, the average price that is paid is $0,144

How many tokens will be sold during the token sale?

There will be about 53m tokens in total to be sold during our token sale, in addition to that there are 3m tokens allocated for community incentive to contribute through our bounty program.

What happens with tokens that do not get sold during the token sale?

Unsold tokens will be used within our platform for the fiat/way switch

Where can I store my tokens?

WAY tokens will be ERC-20 based, this means that any wallet that interacts with the Ethereum blockchain can be used to store and manage the WAY tokens. Myetherwallet is a good starting point.

Is everyone able to partake in the token sale?

We are not excluding anyone from contributing to our sale. However citizens of China will not not be able to contribute due to national regulations. Besides that, everyone with the ability submit a KYC, will be able to participate in our token sale.

Is there an individual cap?

The minimum contribution is 0.1eth. The first week of the crowdsale will have a predetermined personal cap which will be calculated by the funds required to reach the hard cap divided by the amount of whitelisted addresses.

When will the tokens be released?

WAY tokens will be distributed within two weeks of the completion of the crowdsale.

Will the WAY token be listed on exchanges?

We are unable to comment, but we will announce through our social channels as soon as we know more

Any gas recommendations?

There will be no FCFS and therefore, no reason to rush your transaction. Our recommendations are 20-50k gas-limit and 3-12 gwei, the maximum imposed gwei is 99. DO NOT SEND WITH 100+ gwei, YOUR FUNDS WILL BE REFUNDED (you will lose your fee costs!)

How can I participate?

We are working on a step by step guide on how to be part of our token sale.