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Simplifying Work

Creating the employment environment of the future by leveraging technological advancements

Experts in work

At Hiway, we focus on work. Empowering HR managers, recruiters and job seekers to do the best work they can, while our team draws on their extensive experience to build for the future. From running our own agency, we found numerous ways to improve the process of sourcing, matching and managing candidates and vacancies. With that in mind, we specialise in the HR industry with an emphasis on the employer side of running a small to medium-size enterprise. We help job seekers find work and support employers with all their HR needs.

Experts in technology

At the same time, we are fascinated by technological advancements, which led us to start experimenting with technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence. Our strong team with a passion for development draws on years of technical experience to create solutions and tools for every HR challenge found within the industry. Check out our first two products: Hiway HR platform and Hiway freelance platform.

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Recruitment & HR specialists

More than 15 years of industry experience, contributing to a robust understanding of every aspect of the recruitment process

Data-driven innovators

Blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning enthusiasts, harnessing the latest developments to inform new solutions

Creative entrepreneurs

Ongoing experimentation and collaboration fuelled by an entrepreneurial spirit

Our team

Simon RikmenspoelCeo
Thale SonnemansCreative Director
Jakko BloemenaHead of Product
Albert LiLead Developer
Aslan LinFull Stack Developer
Ahmed MabroukFront End Developer

Vacancies (4)

Front-end Developer
Full timeMedior3 years experience
Full Stack Developer
Full timeMedior3 years experience
UX Designer
Part timeSenior4-6 years experience
Junior Sales Agent
Full timeJunior2 years experience